Best Professional Service

This is the meat of the Web. These are the services that are really useful. The recipient of this award is a service or document that contains real information for helping professionals in a field perform their regular jobs. I realize that it may be difficult to understand some of the servers outside your expertise, but try to realize how much information is available and usable in each one.


U. Pennsylvania
A very large resource of Cancer-related information, including news, texts, case studies, and multimedia exhibits.

Honorable Mention

BioInformatics Server - Johns Hopkins U.

Explorer - U. Kansas UNITE Group

Unified CS Technical Report Index ( - Marc VanHeyningen, Indiana U.

Climate Data Catalog - Columbia U.

Other Nominees

Genome Data Base (
HEASARC Browse ( - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
SWISS-PROT Protein ( Sequence Database - Geneva U. Hospital
Physics E-Print Archives - Paul Ginsparg, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Virtual Hospital - U. Iowa

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