Best Navigational Aid

As the Web grows exponentially, finding your way around is becoming increasingly difficult. Several services have sprung up to address this very complex problem. Each uses a very different approach, since there is no comprehensive registry of sites (as in gopher) or a standard way of documenting the contents of a site (as in FTP/Archie).

Almost all of these services admit that they are not yet comprehensive, but some have the capability to be so. The best navigation service should make it easy to find almost anything on the Web (once all the data is entered). Many of them require public support to be successful; perhaps the winners here will get it.

Due to public demand, a complete description of the various tools similar to the nominees page will be kept here

WorldWideWebWorm (

Oliver McBryan, U. Colorado CS
Fairly close to comprehensive already, gaining in popularity. A robot which indexes titles, url's, and reference links.

Honorable Mention

Internet Meta-Index - Oscar Nierstrasz, U. Geneva Informatics

Project DA-CLOD - Sam Sengupta, Washington U.-St. Louis

Galaxy - EINet

Other Nominees

AliWeb - Martijn Koster, Nexor
JumpStation - Jonathan Fletcher, Stirling U.
W3 Catalog - Oscar Nierstrasz, U. Geneva Informatics
Joel's Hierarchical Subject Index - Joel Jones, U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Mother-of-all-BBS' ( - Oliver McBryan, U. Colorado CS
The Virtual Tourist - Brandon Plewe, SUNY/Buffalo

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