Most Technical Merit

These are the truly impressive services. The award recipient should be a site which is able to use server-side magic to do far more than we thought was possible using HTML and HTTP. These sites represent an almost unlimited potential for what can be done on the Web.

Map Server

Steve Putz, Xerox PARC
The pioneer in this category, Steve tied a standalone map viewing program to the web and voila! Instant maps of anywhere in the world.

Honorable Mention

Dutch Teletext Gateway - Arjan de Vet, Eindhoven University

Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry - UMN Geometry Center

Interactive Genetic Art - Scott Reilly and Michael Witbrock, Carnegie-Mellon U.

Other Nominees

Mother-of-all-BBS' ( - Oliver McBryan, U. Colorado CS
Monthly Temperature Anomalies ( - NOAA National Climatic Data Center
Temperature Display ( Oliver McBryan, U. Colorado CS
GRN UseNet Article Decoder - George Phillips, U. British Columbia
Say... - Axel Belinfante, U. Twente, Netherlands
SkyView - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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