Best Use of Interaction

These services offer almost real-time two-way interaction between the server and the client. The user communicates to the server (through hypertext, image maps, or forms), influencing the server's response; thus, the user can obtain information in a way that was not entered explicitly by the developer. In a way, this is what HTTP was originally designed to do.

Xerox Map Server

Steve Putz, Xerox PARC
This service takes many user-supplied variables to make custom maps of the U.S. and the world.

Honorable Mention

DA-CLOD - Sam Sengupta, Washington U.-St. Louis

Geometry Applications Gallery - U. Minnesota Geometry Center

Weather Map requestor - Charles Henrich, Michigan State U.

Other Nominees:

16 Puzzle - Andrew Wilson, U. Cardiff-Wales
Swiss 2D-Page ( - Geneva U. Hospital ExPASy
SkyView Gateway - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center HEASARC
You Are Here Server - Brandon Plewe, SUNY/Buffalo

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