The World-Wide Web Hall of Fame

This is a chance for us to recognize those people who have had the greatest influence on the system we all know and love. There will be at least three to four inductees each year. In the near future, this will turn into a much more descriptive site.

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim is responsible for the very existence of the World-Wide Web. He came up with HTTP and HTML in 1989 in an attempt to collaborate on high-energy physics research.

Marc Andreessen

Netscape Communications Co., formerly at NCSA
The project leader for NCSA Mosaic for X, the program that really brought the Web into the mainstream. Introduced many extensions to HTML (i.e. inline graphics) that have made the Web what we know today.

Eric Bina (

Netscape Communications Co., formerly at NCSA
The unsung hero of NCSA Mosaic for X. Came up with most of the actual code (according to Marc A.) of the original program, now the project leader.

Rob Hartill

Los Alamos National Lab, formerly at U. Wales College at Cardiff
Best known as "the guy who did the Movie Database," Rob has been a pioneer of showing us how interactive services can be implemented on the Web (even if his things are mostly just for fun). Also has developed many useful sysadmin utilities, due to the great load his server gets. Has always been a vocal and visionary proponent of the Web.

Kevin Hughes

Honolulu C.C., now at Enterprise Information Technologies
As the Web administrator at HCC, he pioneered many concepts on the web we now take for granted, such as interactive graphics, campus information on the Web, and virtual museums. Also designed most of those filetype icons that are built into the clients and servers now. Now he is involved in the CommerceNet project, which will probably be just as pioneering and revolutionary.

Lou Montulli (

Netscape Communications Co., formerly at U. Kansas
Chief developer of Lynx, took a local CWIS program and put it on the Web. Since then, has been a major voice in the direction of HTML and HTTP.

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