Best Document Design

In its truest sense, HTML is for the electronic publishing of documents. This category highlights those who have used HTML to do just what the Web was originally designed to do. The recipient uses HTML correctly (no sloppy stuff) to produce a document (from paper or original) that has definite value over a standard paper document. This includes the use of good structure, tables of contents, indexes, and profuse hypertext.

The document must be useful from all clients, including those which don't support graphics and fonts. This means that graphics can be useful, but not required for an understanding of the subject matter (required graphics must be downloadable for future reference).

Travels With Samantha (

Phillip Greenspun, MIT
Electronic version of a popular travelogue of North America. Includes many nice pictures, and links to maps of mentioned places.

Honorable Mention

Principia Cybernetica Web - Dr. Francis Heylighen et al, Free U. of Brussels

Telektronikk - Håkon Lie, Norwegian Telecom

Wired Magazine

Other Nominees

Ada 9X Reference Manual - Magnus Kempe, Swiss Federal Inst. Tech.- Lausanne
GNN NetNews - O'Reilly and Associates
HTML Style Guide - Tim Berners-Lee, CERN
Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products - William G. Miller, U.S. Geological Survey
Perl Manual - Robert Stockton, Carnegie-Mellon U.
U.S. Constitution - Legal Information Institute, Cornell U.

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