Most Important Service Concept

This category recognizes the true pioneers of the Web. The award recipient is a service or a long-range project which has or will change the way we use the World Wide Web and the Internet. The ideas started by these sites can now be seen all over the Web.

What's New on the WWW (

Marc Andreessen, NCSA, June 1993

Probably the single most accessed page on the Web, this service has helped unknown thousands keep up with this fast-moving virtual world. Here is the most recent edition (

Honorable Mention

Web Magazines: The Global Network Navigator - O'Reilly and Associates

Distance Learning: The Globewide Network Academy

Virtual Museums: Honolulu C.C. Dinosaur Exhibit - Kevin Hughes

Other Nominees

Interactive Graphics: Honolulu C.C. Campus Map ( - Kevin Hughes
Web Space for Rent: Internex Information Services (
Online Encyclopedia: The Interpedia
File converters, Text Databases: Usenet FAQ Archives ( - Tom Fine, Ohio State U.
Customized Server Software: Map Server - Steve Putz, Xerox PARC

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