Search Engines

Search engine providing information on the term requested.

Internet search tool explores the web for images, news, maps, directions, weather reports, company websites, and various other information and resources.


Microsoft's replacement for Live Search offers interactive home page photo as well as articles.


Ecosia is a CO2-neutral search engine that donates 80% of its surplus income to tree planting programs.

Epic Google

Presents Google search with bigger texts and graphics.


Search an extensive database of people and businesses as well as web results, public records, and maps and directions.

Mundu Search

Google powered search engine that provides a simpler and less cluttered interface focusing on search results for web pages and documents, lyrics and music, sounds, and videos.


Provides a visual and intuitive way for searching Amazon, eBay, YouTube, and Flickr.

Search Engine History

Information about the history and current state of search technology.

Searchen Networks

Provides consulting services related to website marketing, running, and developing an online business. Searchen

The Real Live Search

Web app created for Bing allows users to see search results while typing keywords.

Allows users to search a large variety of wikis and encyclopedias.

Yahoo! Search

Search engine from Yahoo!.