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George Orwell

  • 1984

    The complete text of "1984," the classic novel of a totalitarian society led by Big Brother and Winston Smith's attempt to rebel against it. This novel changed the English language, adding new words and phrases from the book.

  • Animal Farm

    The full text of Orwell's novel "Animal Farm," a satirical fable which addresses the futility of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

  • Burmese Days

    The author's first novel, based on his years as a member of the British Indian Imperial military police in Burma and dissects the pitfalls of colonialism.

  • George Orwell (1903 - 1950)

    A concise profile of the journalist and author, born Eric Arthur Blair.

  • George Orwell 1903 - 1950

    Displays the life and work of the British author who achieved prominence in the late 1940's as the author of two brilliant satires attacking totalitarianism.

  • Inside The Whale

    The full text of Orwell's essay which uses Menry Miller's novels to examine the cultural trend towards passivity in the face of war and social conflict.

  • Orwell Collection

    A guide to the collection of the author's manuscripts, notebooks, and personalia, held by the University College of London.

  • The Orwell Prize

    A British prize for political writing, awarded annually for a book and for journalism. Includes a guide to entering, past winners, and resources on the life and work of George Orwell.

  • Students for an Orwellian Society

    Offers an overview of this nationwide student group which wishes to promote the vision of a society based upon the principles of Ingsoc in the novel "1984.".

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