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Welcome to Best of the Web - the world’s most authoritative online directory. If you want to increase your business website’s visibility and see a real boost to your traffic, a BOTW listing is an easy win. Best of the Web is one of the most visited online directories so we consistently drive targeted traffic to our listed sites - and with over 400,000 unique categories to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect relevant place for your business’ directory listing. Every website we list is hand-reviewed by our expert editors, ensuring a spam-free experience for visitors and directory users, and a quality reputation boost for your site.

Best of the Web has been online since 1994. We are a showcase for local businesses, with over 16 million American businesses already listed, enabling customers to find their business information, hours, locations, coupons and reviews. Whether you’re a lawyer, a plumber, a dentist or a retail outlet, a listing with Best of the Web will help your customers find you. From small independent businesses to major global corporations, a Best of the Web listing should be a key part of your outbound marketing toolbox.

As well as our business listings, we also list millions of useful resources, blogs, forums and information websites, from the Arts and Hobbies to Health, Travel and Sports. Best of the Web’s regional categories also list key websites for cities and towns across the world.

If you have a website, you need it to be seen, whether it’s a business or an information resource. Don’t miss your chance to stand out from the crowd in today’s loud and cluttered online marketplace. Talk to us today about the most appropriate Best of the Web listing for your website and start getting the traffic and the reputation boost you deserve.


Handling Online Reviews During Covid-19

4/9/2021 4:03:00 AM by Nikki Harper

2020 and 2021 have been totally unprecedented years for us all, but the many and varied Covid-19 restrictions have hit many small business owners particularly hard. Having been closed for at least part of the year, you’re desperate to be trading again, and need to maximize your income while you can – the very last …

Is the Apple Pencil Worth It?

4/5/2021 4:52:00 AM by Best of the Web

Many people who use an iPad wish they could write on it as easily as using a pen or pencil on paper. Some people get a stylus for just this reason. But the typical stylus can feel laggy, not slide smoothly over the screen, and leave much to be desired.  The Apple Pencil isn’t your …