Presenting.... The 1996 Best of the Web!

These are the winners of the 1996 Best of the Web competition. Each site was nominated by visitors to the Best of the Web site in 1996, and was then voted the Best in its category. Congratulations!

Best Campus-Wide Information Service

College of Family and Consumer Sciences, U. of Georgia (27%)

Honorable Mentions:
University of Texas at Austin (22%)
University of Southern California (17%)

Best Educational Site

Discovery Channel On-Line (33%)

Honorable Mentions:
CNN (25%)
Journal of Buddhist Ethics ( (24%)

Best Commercial Site

Microsoft (25%)

Honorable Mentions:
Disney (22%)
Apple Computer (20%)

Most Important Concept

Yahoo (50%)

Honorable Mentions:
Altavista Search ( (33%)
World Wide Web Broadcaster (7%)

Best Design

The Spot (30%)

Honorable Mentions:
Sears (25%)
Hanson/Dodge (17%)

Best Entertainment Site

X-Files (35%)

Honorable Mentions:
Games Domain (21%)
MTV (19%)

Best Use of Interaction

Silicon Graphics (43%)

Honorable Mentions:
Chicago Sun-Times (15%)
Kid's Court Florida Coloring Book (14%)

Best Logo

ESPNET ( (24%)

Honorable Mentions:
CNET (21%)
FedEx (15%)

Best Multimedia

White House Home Page (32%)

Honorable Mentions:
CNET (29%)
The Spot (14%)

Best Navigation Aid

Yahoo (27%)

Honorable Mentions:
AltaVista ( (25%)
Netscape (20%)

Best Professional Site

MacInTouch (25%)

Honorable Mentions:
American Dietetic Association (24%)
The BBS List (18%)

Most Technical Merit

Macromedia (30%)

Honorable Mentions:
World Wide Web Broadcaster (20%)
Internet Football League (13%)

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