Best Use of Multiple Media

One of the advantages of the Web is its ability to include (and point to) many forms of media, including graphics, video, and sound in addition to formatted text. Many of these items are museums, but there are several different applications represented here.

The winner in this category should use one or more of these kinds of files to accomplish the purpose of the document in a way that could not be done with text alone. Thus, things like nifty logos and icons don't count. Another problem that these sites should avoid is the long load times due to heavy network traffic from multimedia files, by using thumbnail images, and splitting the document up into smaller pieces.

Le Louvre

Nicolas Pioch, Telecom Paris
Two exhibits in one. The first is an exhibit from the world-famous art museum, including many well-known works from famous artists, the other is a tour of Paris.

Honorable Mention

ArtServe ( - Australian National University

Coherent Structure in Turbulent Fluid Flow ( - Nat. Ctr for Atmospheric Research

Expo - Frans van Hoesel

TNS Technology Demos - MIT Telemedia Networks and Systems Group

Other Nominees

Een Kwestie van Kiezen, A Matter of Choice ( - U. Wageningen, Netherlands
Museum of Paleontology - U. California - Berkeley
Recording Studio ( - Adam Curry, MTV
Texas History Exhibits ( - U. Texas-Austin Library
Usenet Image Gallery ( - Stéphane Bortzmeyer, CNAM, France
XMorphia - Roy Williams, CalTech

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