Best Educational Service

A document or service which is intended to teach the basics of a particular subject to non-professionals (students or just the general public). Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with education as a profession itself. May use graphics, interaction, and other media to enhance the learning effectiveness.

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++

Marcus Speh, Germany Syncrotron
The first fully virtual course in the Globewide Network Academy. Combines a MOO and a HTML hypertextbook. With links to other C++ resources as well, an important resource for learning C++.

Honorable Mention

ArtServe ( - Australian National University

Expo - Frans van Hoesel (housed at UNC SunSITE)

Museum of Paleontology - University of California at Berkeley

Views of the Solar System - C.J. Hamilton, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Other Nominees

Early Scientific Instruments - Naples Institute of Physics
Geographic Information Systems - U.S. Geological Survey
Geometry Applications Gallery - U. Minnesota Geometry Center
The Journey North - U. Michigan School of Education
A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica - L. Liming, U. Michigan

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