Asian Marathons

Bali Marathon

Marathon run on the Indonesian island of Bali. Features details of the race including information on Bali, travel, registration, statistics and sponsors.

Bali Marathon, Half Marathon and 10-K

Shows information on the places for marathon competition. With a registration form for the respective participants.

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon

Annual marathon event held in Bengaluru, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Find information on the history of the event, fundraising, community, race events, venue and route, sponsorship and results.

Cebu City Marathon

Marathon event held annually in the Philippines. Offers details of routes, rules and regulations, registration, pre race activities, venue, participants and results.

Chiang Mai Marathon

Marathon held in Chiang Mai City Thailand. Features details of sponsors, route map, registration, awards and prizes, travel and hotels.

Dili Marathon

Marathon event held in Timor Leste. Offers information on events and registration.

Everest Marathon

Marathon listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest marathon in the world. Find information on the Everest Marathon Fund, next race, previous races, forum and mailing list.

Great Eastern Women 10K

Site provides information on the event's history, route, and sponsors. With a frequently asked questions section and an online shop.

The Great Wall Marathon

Introduction to the marathon with a media gallery, results, and information on sponsors, agents, and tour packages.

Hyderabad Marathon

Maraton held annually on the last Sunday in August in Hyderabad, the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Offers information on registration, course, distances and past events. marathon_hyd

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon

Event held annually in Kuala Lumpur the federal capital of Malaysia. Find information on event including details of events and promotions, volunteers, registration, number of runners, charity, results and travel. scklmarathon

Nagano Marathon

Overview of the marathon with information on previous competitions, course and map, news, contacts, and related links.

Nagano Olympic Commemorative Nagano Marathon

Event aimed at promoting marathons by providing an occasion for amateurs and top athletes to run together. Also seeks to contribute to the development of regional sports, culture, and the Olympic movement.

Naha Marathon

Annual event held on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Offers information on the history of the event, course, entry, maximum number of runners, opening ceremony, dates and registration.

Race Events in Taiwan

Find information on the Taiwan Marathon plus other runnings events held in Taiwan.

Sabarmati Marathon

Find details of the marathon event held in Amdavad India. Includes information on activities and events, partners, sponsors, race director, prizes and route.

Singapore Marathon

Annual marathon held in Singapore. Offers details of the race including information on getting involved, registration and results. MarathonSG

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Site provides information on training and activities, travel tips, photos, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Sundown Marathon

Offers details of marathon event held in Singapore including information on the face, hall of fame, training, news and deals, sponsors and registration.

Taj Mahal Marathon

Site provides an overview of the marathon, information on itinerary and registration, blogs, and a route map.

Thailand Temple Run

Presents a list of the upcoming running events. With the results of the competition.

Xiamen International Marathon

Chinese event held each year in January. Find details of the events, services, regulations, participation, insurance, registration and sponsors.

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