Christian Origins and Creation Intelligent Design

Access Research Network: Behe, Michael J.

Compiles articles, video documentaries, essays and debates on the origin and concepts of intelligent design.

Access Research Network: Johnson, Phillip E.

Exhibits the author’s books, articles, audio tapes and presentations on intelligent design and refute of evolution theory.

Access Research Network: Origins and Design Journal

Official newsletter of the organization contains archive of articles and topics on intelligent design and origins of life.

Cherithbrook Biblical Worldview

Displays the church’s stand on the creation of the world and the standards by which they based their beliefs on.

Intelligent Design Network

Organization that seeks to institutionalize objectivity in exploring answers to how the world was created, but without the use of religion and philosophy.

Intelligent Design not Science

Reports on the Vatican's reaction and confusions between the religious and scientific fields.

Intelligent Design: The New ‘Big Ten” for Evolution’s Critics

Reports how Intelligent Design affects the big debate on creationism and evolutionism. Contains articles and contact particulars.

Pandas and People: A Brief Critique

Points out flaws of thinking and study on the concepts of evolutionary biology. Includes illustration of argument and evidences.

Rebuttal to Sean Carroll's Anti-ID Book Review in Science

Features review of an opposing published book, aiming to refute the concepts of the Intelligent Design theory of creation.

Virtual Office of Dr. Robert C. Koons - Articles

Displays collection of articles that features his defense regarding the intelligent design theory against differing views.

Was There Ever Nothing?

Articulates thoughts on how teenagers perceive the concepts of the world’s creation.

Wedge Strategy: Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture

Refutes concepts and arguments of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by sponsoring and organizing experiments and studies on intelligent design.

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