Christianity and Jesus Christ

All About Jesus Christ

Details of the major events of Jesus’ life while on earth.

The Fifth Gospel of Jesus Christ

Incorporates the teachings of four Gospels in one presentation, as translated from the King James version majority Greek text.

Jesus Christ

Supports a Christian chat; presents the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; and features the ten reasons affirming Jesus Christ's rising from the dead.

Jesus Christ Only

Collection of illustrations, discovery series, articles, and sermons about Jesus Christ.

Jesus Institute

Comprehensive information to introduce Jesus Christ to all people. Includes teachings, messages, historical accounts, commentaries, and study guides.

Life of Christ

Get to know Jesus from birth to death to resurrection. Learn about His teachings.

The Living Hour

Modern meditations on The Lord's Prayer and the spirituality of Jesus. Includes New Century Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and free daily motivationals.

On The Physical Death of Jesus Christ

Attempts a medically and historically accurate account of the physical death of Jesus Christ.

RE Jesus

Features stories, encounters, spirituality experiences and preponderances, expressions in praise of Jesus.

What About Jesus

Displays facts about the life of Jesus and relates His teachings to life concerns. Provides an opportunity to explore the Bible.

Who Is Jesus

Plain text presentation elaborating on the life, personality, and divine cause of Jesus' existence.

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