Ancient Heterodoxies

“Heresy,” Authority, Quarrels, and Words

Provides the meaning of sacrilegious teachings and enumerates the categories under the concepts covered by the religious deviancy.

New Advent: Adoptionism

Focuses on the heretic belief that undermines the Deity of Jesus Christ as God’s Son, the explanation on its concepts and its implications on Christianity.

New Advent: Apollinarianism

Discusses the teachings and the implications of a theological view, which states that Christ is not fully human.

New Advent: Arianism

Features a summary of the heretic belief that Jesus Christ is not fully divine or Godly. Also contains illustrations and examples to best explain the concepts.

New Advent: Docetae

Explains the heresy wherein it states that the humanity of Christ is an illusion that appears to His followers.

New Advent: Ebionites

Discusses the history and the beliefs of the group on the Divinity of Jesus Christ and closely resembles more the teachings of Judaism.

New Advent: Marcionites

Introduces the concepts of the group on Jesus Christ, which states that Jesus is the Son of another God and not the God of the Covenant.

New Advent: Monarchians

Provides details on the group’s history, founder, and teachings that deny the concept of the Holy Trinity or the Three-persona God.

New Advent: Monophysites and Monophysitism

Narrates the teachings of the group that states the nature of Jesus Christ is unique and not the same as our humanity.

New Advent: Monothelitism and Monothelites

Profiles the group’s history and its teachings, one of which is the humanity of Jesus Christ even after He was borne from a human mother.

New Advent: Pelagius and Pelegianism

Presents the heretic teachings of the group that specify original sin is not a state all men are in, instead it teaches that it only applies to the first man created.

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