About Buddhism

Clear and simple presentation of the teachings and practice of Buddhism.

All Spirit

Compiles several information about Buddhism including the four noble truths and the eightfold path.

Buddhism Depot

Comprehensive coverage of the Buddhist religion. Includes cartoons, jokes, and an audio gallery.

Buddhism Without Boundaries

Discussion forum for the study and practice of the teachings of the Buddha and to share open minded debate between followers of all traditions.

Dhamma Corner

Simple and comprehensive presentation of the Dhamma and the Buddhist religion.


Allows access to Buddhism discussion forums, interactive chat, books and sutras, journals, and e-card sending services.

Family Dharma

Dharma and Buddhism teachings particularly addressed to the family.

Introduction to Buddhism

Deals with the philosophical and psychological approach to the study of Buddhism.

Lumbini On Trial : The Untold Story

Challenges the present identifications for Lumbini, Kapilavastu, and Kusinara, the sites of the Buddha's birth and decease.

Modern Buddhism

Overview of contemporary Buddhism.


Buddhist meditations resources including practices, stress management techniques, meditation introduction, and merchandise.

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