Election Voting Systems

Accurate Democracy

Provides various electoral and legislative voting rules in any size from schoolroom to nation.

Americans for Approval Voting

Provides information about what approval voting is and why it should be the method to be used.

Approval Voting

Provides information on what approval voting is, as well as the advantages of approval voting over plurality voting.

Caltech-MIT Voting Technology Project

Features information about the Voting Technology, Election Management, and Convenience Voting.

Center for Voting and Democracy

Catalyst for electoral reforms such as instant runoff voting, proportional voting, direct election of the president and automatic voter registration.

Comparative Study of Electoral Systems

Collaborative program of cross-national research among election studies conducted in over fifty states.


Provides various voting methods along with details on a software that will tabulate other voting methods.

The De Borda Institute

Provides information in its aims to promote the Borda voting method.

Declared-Strategy Voting

Provides information about the Declared-Strategy Voting.

Elections, Electoral Methods and Electoral Law

Provides information about the Electoral systems in Theory, Electoral systems in Praxis, and Strange Characteristics and Failures, along with electoral data and facts.

Elections: Voting Systems

Provides information on the various voting systems.


An Election-methods website that provides discussion boards on the various voting systems.

Immigrant Voting Project

Resource network dedicated to promoting discussion about the practice of allowing immigrants to vote in local elections.

International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)

Provides researches and publications in relations to elections and democracy.

Proportional Representation Society of Australia

Group provides information on newsletter, membership, and related resources.

Voting and Election Reform

Provides information about the various voting systems and how each system works.

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