Philosophy Organizations

American Philosophical Association

Information on the association's meetings and divisions, governance, and membership. With news and announcements.

Association for Legal and Social Philosophy

Site provides an overview of the association, news, contact details, and information on events and membership.

Atlantic Region Philosophers Association

Organization dedicated to promoting scholarship and research in Atlantic Canada's philosophical community.

Australasian Association of Philosophy

Professional organization of academic philosophers in Australia and New Zealand offers list of events, media center, resources, membership and publication.

Blackheath Philosophy Forum

Contains abstract of the organization, forum program, photos, reference, resources and related links.

The Canadian Philosophical Association

Promotes philosophical scholarship and education across Canada. Features news, membership, publications, and resources.

Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics

Offering a history of the society, newsletter, membership information, annual meeting details, and constitution.

Center for the Study of The Great Ideas

Founded by Mortimer J. Adler and Max Weismann includes mission, journals, discussion forum, and resource links.

Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics

Nonprofit and university-based group dedicated to fostering greater concern for ethical issues among practitioners and scholars in the field of criminal justice.

International Association for Critical Realism

Serves as a networking resource for those interested in realist philosophy and social theory.

International Association for Scottish Philosophy

Gives membership information, conferences, bookstore, and list of societies.

New Acropolis in Australia

Overview of the organization, data about ancient civilization, events, philosophical courses, and publications.

Philosopher's Information Center

Producer of The Philosopher's Index provides an online version of the text.

Philosophical Society

Organizational overview with an online reference library and links to other online resources and guides.

Philosophy for All

Association for individuals interested in philosophy. Aims to promote philosophical debate, the active exchange of ideas and information, and guidance on philosophy courses and literature.

Portcullis Institute

Non-profit foundation that supports exploration into the nature and evolution of human consciousness, showcases discoveries, and perspectives.

Society for Exact Philosophy

Organization dedicated to providing sustained discussions and rigorous methods for philosophical investigations.

Society for Philosophical Inquiry

Grassroots nonprofit organization created to support philosophical inquirers from all walks of life.

Society for Philosophy in Practice

Promotes the practical application of philosophy in counseling, education, business and everyday life.

Society for Women's Advancement in Philosophy

National graduate student organization dedicated to promoting women in the field of philosophy. Comes with news, events and membership.

Sophia - European Foundation for the Advancement of Doing Philosophy with Children

Organization for teachers, parents and philosophers interested in engaging in philosophy with children. Includes information on current projects and the organization's membership.

South Carolina Society for Philosophy (SCSP)

Organization founded to cater to the needs and interests of South Carolina's philosophy students and professionals. Site provides events and membership information.

Wesleyan Philosophical Society

Aims to promote philosophy in Wesleyan communities, provide philosophical forums with a Wesleyan perspective, and foster interaction and support for philosophers within the Wesleyan tradition.

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