Women and Religion and Spirituality

And Adam Knew Even: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible

Features the book with reviews and book order details provided.

Awakened Woman

Collation of journal regarding women’s spirituality. Check for past issues, events, links and subscriptions.

Brigid’s Place

Nonprofit organization which features spiritual transformation and empowerment of women. Details programs, classes and workshops.

Dream Weather Foundation

Details information about the foundation, events, vision, articles, books and CDs.

Gaias Womb

Highlights facts and information about the Greek goddess Gaia and overview of the organization.


Presents details on workshops, studies, and gathering and groups, with resources provided.

Hilde Girls

Contains details on latest events and updates, along with information about Hilde Girls.

Images of Divinity

Contains sacred images, newsletters, blogs, and inspirational writings.

Inspiration Soup

Provides testimonials, blogs, articles, and reading lists for women with hope, spirituality, and gratitude.

The Lilith Institute

Offers discussions on sacred text, myth, and ritual.

Sikh Women: Mind, Body, Spirit Empowered

Features Sikhism women with topics on health, sexuality, life cycle, equality, and anti-violence.

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