Lefthanded People

Association of Left-Handers

Site presents the association's accomplishments, goals, and objectives. With articles and mailing list.

Famous Left-Handers

Lists of well-known left-handed US presidents, politicos, authors, musicians, artists, actors, and athletes.

Left Hand Side

Displays portfolio of drawings and illustrations by various left-handed artists.

Left Hand Zone

Online store particularly offering products for left-handed people. Offers school supplies and gift items. With articles about left-handed people.

The Left-Handed Liberation Society

Organization for, by, and about lefties features its aims and goals, community, and message board.

The Left-handed Page

Resources and articles with message board about left-handedness are being presented in this page.


Community forum for and about left-handed people.


Provides information and advice on helping left-handed children overcome the frustrations and annoyances of being left-handed particularly in the classroom setting.


Presents the ontology of left-handedness, resource links, and Opera browser download for left-handed users.

Left-Handers' Day

Annual event for left-handers aimed at increasing public awareness of the advantages and disadvantage of left-handedness.


Features Chris McManus’ 2003 Aventis Prize for Science Books, “Right Hand, Left Hand”. Comments and reviews presented.

The Southpaw Manifesto

Presents blogs, articles, updates, discussion groups, and feature stories.

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