Student Political Organizations

Berkeley Watch

Fosters social responsibility, democracy, and academic freedom. Comes with news and links to related sources.

Boston Mobilization

Encourages students in joining campaign rallies for justice, peace, and democracy. Provides news and history photos.

Campus Activism

Provides insights about this social movement that encourages sharing of ideas and events among other activists.

Campus Antiwar Network

Highlights a democratic group that aims to unite antiwar students through participating in activist conferences and demonstrations.

The Century Foundation

Committed to conducting public analyses on issues concerning social, economic, and foreign policies. Also provides news, commentaries, and links to related sources.

The Columbia Political Union

Promotes political discussions at Columbia University. Comes with newsletter and photos.

Columbia Student Solidarity Network

Presents an organization that unites campus activists and brings public awareness about radical movements.

National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

Aims to organize the youth in the struggle for economic and social justice through rally and campaigns.

Student Farmworker Alliance

Committed to eradicating modern-day slavery in the fields and sweatshop conditions by organizing a direct affiliation with farm workers.

Student Global AIDS Campaign

Presents a student-run national movement that provides AIDS medications and science-based prevention programs.

Student Peace Action Network

Promotes peace and justice through campaigns without the partnership of any political parties.

Student Public Interest Research Groups

Features an organization run by students that focuses on society’s problems concerning government reform, environment, and consumer protection.

Students for an Orwellian Society

Provides an overview about the organization along with details on various activities, campaigns, and list of past events.

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