Lifestyle Choices

AOL Digital Lifestyle

Provides tech news, home networking information, a guide to gadgets, and other articles and information of interest.

AOL Living

Guide to home living, body care, personal style, food, and more. Includes horoscopes and a list of recommended books.

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities

Site of a network of communal groups that share the core principles of nonviolence, egalitarianism, and participatory decision-making.

Lucy Stone League

Group dedicated to advancing feminist goals and fostering equal rights for men and men in name retention, modification, and creation.

Mistake Reports

Features reader-submitted reports or confessions of mistakes or faults of varying gravity.

MSN Lifestyle

Comprehensive lifestyle guide for both men and women. Includes articles, message boards, and links of interest.


Magazine about the sharing economy and lifestyle. Publishes news, guides, and how-to tips about carsharing, crowdfunding, ridesharing, coworking, cooperatives, bikesharing, swapping, and more. @shareable

Society for Barefoot Living

Society for people who like to go barefoot throughout their daily lives. Includes myths debunking section, articles, FAQ, membership information and photo galleries of activities.

World Carfree Network

Hub of the global carfree movement offering project information, an online magazine, a schedule of events, and articles.

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