Environmental Law Organizations

Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy

Independent, nonprofit research promotes public interest and sustainability through development of environmental law and policy.

Center for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy

Site provides information on the center's projects, research, trainings, and environmental law advocacy.

Environment and Natural Resources Foundation

Nonprofit, private organization promotes sustainable development via policy, law and institutional organization.

Environment and Planning Law Association, Inc.

Founded to increase awareness related to environmental law and practice among the legal profession.

Environmental Law Center at Vermont Law School

Provides information on various environmental laws and policies, as well integration over academic programs. Contains information on admissions, financial aid, and career services.

Environmental Law Foundation

Nonprofit group that designs enforcement programs to address various environmental problems.

Environmental Law Institute

Independent, education and policy research center aims to strengthen environmental law worldwide.

Environmental Law Network International

Consortium of environmental law advocates providing a venue for the exchange of ideas, articles, and project research.

Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development

Information on offered assistance for the protection of global environment and sustainable development.

International Environmental Law Research Center

Site provides details on research and activities to foster equitable and sustainable environmental management.

Lawyers' Environmental Action Team

Environmental law organization founded to ensure natural resource management and environmental protection in Tanzania.

UK Environmental Law Association

A law group that moves to monitor and enhance the laws that protect the environment, improve public awareness and help students, as well as industrial companies understand environmental laws and policies.

Wildlife Committee American Branch-International Law Association

A legal organization that aids in wildlife conservation by monitoring international wildlife treaties and legislation. Also contains overviews of environmental articles and discussions.

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