Nuclear Weapons

High-Yield Detonation Effects Simulator

Interactive site allows the reader to pick a location, the size of a bomb, and simulate the effects on the provided map, which shows the effects radiating out from the location. This simulation indicates only structural damage to building, and does not include other effects, such as fallout levels or thermal damage.

How Stuff Works: How Nuclear Bombs Work

Features a fairly easy to read article about how nuclear weapons work, including details about nuclear energy, nuclear fission, fission bombs, fusion bombs, and consequences and health risks.

How to Get a Nuclear Bomb

Presents an article by a reporter who traveled the world to find the weaknesses a terrorist could exploit.

International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe

Event aimed at arranging an independent discussion and the sharing of proposals and action plans on addressing global nuclear threat.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)

Nonpartisan coalition of national medical organizations committed to addressing the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Last Best Chance

Documentary drama film intended to show the threats and stakes of nuclear weapons and materials across the world.

Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons

Presents the Federation of American Scientist report on the development of a new generation of precision low-yield nuclear weapons, including diagrams depicting how a "mini-nuke" could be used.

Nuclear Darkness

Comprehensive information about nuclear weapons and the threats they pose. Includes reference articles, a nuclear firestorm simulator, videos, and pictures.

The Nuclear Era

Consists of photographs and information regarding nuclear weapons, the history of nukes, and bomb information, as well as video and audio files relevant to the topic.

Nuclear Tipping Point

Official website of the film produced to highlight the risks of nuclear weapons. Presents a trailer, discussion guide, interactive maps, and related links.

PBS: Nuclear Blast Damage

Provides an interactive reference tool which simulates the impact of various weapons and details of the damages.

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