Provides a summary of this United Nations Association of the USA campaign to clear minefields around the world; the campaign concluded in 2009.

AP Mine Ban Convention

Provides full details of this convention, signed in December 1997 by over 100 countries, and intended to prohibit the use, stockpiling, production, or transfer of anti-personnel mines.

Cluster Munitions Coalition

Worldwide coalition against cluster bombs. Includes news, personal stories, country updates, events and resources.


Designed to support the planning of global mine action efforts by making available reliable information on mine action programs, issues, best practices, and technologies.

Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining

Works for the elimination of anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and explosive remnants of war, while contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of affected communities.

International Campaign to ban Landmines

Organization devoted to banning landmines worldwide.

International Mine Action Standards

Provides details of the standards issued by a National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) to guide the management and implementation of mine action projects, in that country, in a safe, coordinated and efficient manner.

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