Iraq War

Alive in Baghdad

Compilation of personal stories chronicling experiences brought by the war in Iraq.

Iraq Action Coalition

Online media and activists' resource center offering information and resources for activists and groups who advocate for peace and move for the end of the war in Iraq.

Iraq Body Count

Features a record of the violent civilian deaths that have resulted from the 2003 military intervention in Iraq. Includes a database of civilian deaths from violence, analysis and statistics.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Records coalition casualties for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Contains fatality details, US casualties, contractor casualties, and Iraqis and Afghan casualties.

Iraq for Sale

Film by Robert Greenwald about war profiteers. Includes film overview, facts and research, reviews, and trailers and clips.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Founded by Iraq war veterans to voice to their objection to the war in Iraq. Contains overview of veterans' objection to the war, member profiles, resources for activity duty and veterans, project description, and schedule of upcoming events.

Iraq Veterans Memorial

Online war memorial that honors the U.S. soldiers who have died in the Iraqi war. Features a collection of video memories.

US-Iraq Pro-Con

Resource for nonpartisan answers to the question "Should have the US attacked Iraq?".

War in Iraq

Information on the Iraq War as presented by the Arab American Institute. Cites the policymakers behind the war, discusses the US diplomacy crisis, and presents the post-war plans.

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