Science and Technology Issues

Bellona Foundation

Provides a profile of the non-profit devoted to the protection of the environment. Includes its history, objectives, funding and scope of activities.

Fiat Pax

Project aimed at providing information on the militarization of science and universities. Presents reports, theories, institutional profiles, and related links.

Junk Science

Debunks the money-making motives behind the propagation of global warming science and advocacy.

Loka Institute

Non-profit research and advocacy organization concerned with the social, political, and environmental repercussions of research, science and technology.

Technology and Society

Collection of reviews and resource links on topics at the intersection of technology and society.

Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country

Science and technology news site from Whitley Strieber.

Wireless Innovation Alliance

A coalition of companies, organizations, and advocates working to unlock the potential in the white spaces of the television broadcast spectrum. Offers news, fact sheets, as well as a blog.

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