Peace Organizations

Baring Witness

International alliance working for a continuum of global peace and environmental actions.

CAUX Initiatives for Change

Independent foundation created to promote peace, prevent conflicts, and facilitate intercultural dialogue and ethical business conduct.

European Peacebuilding Liaison Office

Learn about the advocacy, services, and activities of this alliance of European NGOs and other advocates of peace and sustainable living.

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Quaker-initiated group suggesting ways to take action, and discussing foreign policy, nuclear disarmament, immigration, torture, religious freedom and other issues.


Information on the non-profit Internet Service Provider includes its history, objectives, services, policies, calendar of activities and available downloads.

Hague Appeal for Peace

Global network of individuals and groups committed to preventing war and enabling peace.

Institute of World Affairs

Profile of the services, mission, activities, and programs of this institute that is devoted to the understanding and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

International Fellowship of Reconciliation

Profile of a spiritually based movement of people who advocate to fight violence and promote peace. With quotes, fact sheets, and other related documents.


International peace building organization. Contains information on programs, operations, and outreach activities. With news and program highlights.

National Peace Foundation

Aims to provide resources, networking, and programming to help citizens engaged in peace building endeavors.

NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security

Presents news, a calendar of activities, and information pertinent to disarmament, peace, and security.

Peace Action West

Aims to promote peace through nonpartisan and cooperative approaches with the participation of regular Americans.

Peace Boat

International nonprofit organization based in Japan created to raise awareness and establish connection among groups involved in peace, human rights, environmental protection, and sustainable development endeavors. peace_boat

The Peace History Society

Organization established to promote and coordinate national and international scholarly work that explore and articulate the causes and conditions of peace and war.

The Peace People

Fosters a tradition age or ancient vision for a non-violent future. With action alerts and news.

Prayer for Peace

Launches a global campaign for people to recite Hindu mantras as peace invoking symbolism and activity.

Radio for Peace International

Global community radio provides broadcasts of peace issues.

Responding to Conflict

UK based independent peace building organization which works in Israel, Palestine and Kenya. Includes news and publications list.

Seeds of Peace

Presents information on programs, posts announcements, and calls for participation in peace advocacy.

September Hearts

Contains articles and resources that aim to expose the terror associated with civil and political conflicts, nationally and internationally.


Analogy of the global peace situation likens peace-supporting efforts to the components of a tetrahedral.

Think Peace

Site of a network of peace advocates provides peace quotes, related music, poems, games, teaching materials, and various other media.

World Conference of Religions for Peace

Projects the consolidated efforts of religious leaders and groups to address conflicts that are directly or indirectly related to faith issues.

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

Profiles details on the Alliance's activities and services. With news, announcements, and related articles.

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