Human Rights Advocacy Organizations in Europe

Association for the Prevention of Torture

Promotes the prevention of torture and ill-treatment. Shows publication guides and resources.

Centre Europe - Tiers Monde (CETIM)

Shows convention details, highlights human rights issues, and presents publication lists.

European Roma Rights Centre

Advocates the legal representation of human rights victims within the area. Also promotes the research proposals implemented by the organization.

Fortress Europe? - Circular Letter

Posts analysis and publications about the legal situation within the area.

Helen Bamber Foundation

UK based organization dedicated to supporting those who have suffered cruelty and to eradicating slavery and torture.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Offers legal representation for victims of human rights violations within the area.


Shows event schedules, publication links, and contact particulars of the organization.

OSMTH of Norway

Features the organization founded on the Knights Templars values. Shows calendar of events, goal details, and historical overview.

PanCyprian Association for the Protection of Human Rights

Discusses the issues plaguing the country with regards to violations of rights.

World Forum on Human Rights - Nantes - May 16th to 19th 2004

Discusses the highlights of the conference held to promote world opinion on the social issue.

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