Marijuana Legalization

Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp

Advocate for the regulation and tax the sale of cannabis to adults.

Drug War Clock

Statistical presentation cites the economic costs, number of arrests, incarcerations, and other numbers related to the marijuana non-legalization consequences per time.

Equal Rights for All

Calls for the regulation and taxation of the cannabis industry.

The Great Marijuana Conspiracy

Chronicles the history of marijuana illegalization in America. Also presents information about the consequences of making it legal again.

Hemp Revolution

Compiles activist information and resources on marijuana. With downloadable items.

Legalise Cannabis Alliance

New, information, and resources promoting the legalization of marijuana.

Interactive website that empowers ordinary Americans to speak out for liberty.

Marijuana Community

Directory of resources and information on marijuana and its related products. Includes details of marijuana growing and smoking.

Marijuana Legalization Organization

Information about the activities and services of this organization that advocates for the legalization of marijuana.

Online Pot

Comprehensive resource for information about marijuana and cannabis. Presents legal reports, details of case laws, and other research works.

Pro-Cannabis and Pro-Marijuana

Portal to information and updates related to the legalization of cannabis, marijuana, hemp, dope, grass, weed, or hash.

Tyler Durden Says Legalize

Presents the call of a Duke University student for the legalization of marijuana. Addictive qualities of some popular drugs also compared.


Marijuana guide in the Internet. Presents a list of goods and services and activism and law reform pages.

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