Illegal Drug Health Issues

Australian National Council on Drugs

Contains media releases, publications, and information on initiatives to voice out community welfare on drug related policies and strategies.

Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy

Lays out reform options for the drug law and policies in Canada. Also presents archives of videos, articles, and policy papers.

CIA and Drugs

Alleges drug trafficking activities in the CIA. With a gallery of free full-length e-books written by former CIA agents, in an attempt to provide public information about the illegal activities of the CIA.

Club Drug Counselor

Defines in depth the idea of drug addiction and such abuse's presence in youth activities or social gatherings.

Drug Minimization

Douglas Dunn's discussion on the failure of legalization, prohibition, and minimization of drug abuse incidences.

Drugging America

Collection of e-books exposing government misconduct and corruption in their drug war efforts.

Drugs Bite

Features Stephen Arrington's drug program that claims to effectively change youthful opinions. With newspaper articles and a profile of Arrington.

Independent Drug Monitoring Unit

Check out the drug user surveys presented. Go over data on cannabis prices, consumption patterns, and comments.

Kids Against Drugs

Campaign for drug-free families. Offers helps for discussing and planning drug prevention.

Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking

Contains press releases, pictures of sabotage victims of the CIA, an article on spiritual warfare, and a petition to the United Nations.

Peripatetic Human Rantingz et al Cerebral Shorts

Learn about the services and other offers of this Australia-based group of drug remedy and electronic communication consultants.

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