Conservation and Endangered Species


Information on restoring the endangered species, the Atlantic sturgeon, and the request for donations to sustain broodstock used for breeding.

American Public Information on the Environment

Proffers public awareness on environmental issues. Posts action alerts and presents an environmental information hotline.

Anti-Environmental Myths

Indexes a collection of articles and topical discussions that counter some common beliefs on environmentalism.

Caviar Emptor

Offering information about the decline of the Caspian Sea Sturgeon and steps that may be taken to protect and restore the threatened species, this site describes such a campaign, and includes photographs, video, and documentation.

Chemical Industry Archives

Compendium of articles, even insider documents, from the chemical industry. Presents the facts, fiction, and relevant issue discussions.

Cleaner and Greener

Get to know this certification program initiated by the Leonardo Academy Inc. Explore the presented emission calculators.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Site of an anti-global warming endeavor partner. Posts announcements, presents information on programs, and offers a collection of related resources.

Die Off

Statistical and graphical presentation about fossil fuels. With an array of related articles.

Eco World

Contains articles, forums, blogs, e-cards, and other resources discussing various environmental issues.

From Greenhouse to Green

Presents a "consumer's eye view" of conservation, sustainable development, and environmental issues.

Green Festival

Information about the goings-on at the Green Festival, a joint environmental advocacy project of Global Exchange and Co-op America.

Green Nature

Comprehensive presentation of the various man-made environmental threats, their effects, and the ways to minimize or remedy them.

Horizon Solutions

Facilitates forums that allows for the presentation and discussion of various solutions to environmental problems.

Ideal Bite

Offers daily e-mails of tips for being more planet-friendly. Includes searchable tip archive, blog, and ability to submit new tips.

Institute of Global Communications

Explore this interactive page to find helps to addressing environmental and social problems.

Looting the Seas

Web book depicting the destruction of the ocean as caused by the international tuna fishing industry.

News Batch

Guide to understanding policy issues. Presents news, issue discussions, vote charts, and summary articles.

NRDC Save BioGems

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) campaigns for the protection of wildlife and wild lands.

Paying Off Mother Nature

Light presentation with a heavy message. Metaphorical discussion likens Earth's ecosystems to valuable economic items.

Save Our World

Provides issue discussions, position statements, and online petitions that aim to draw global support.

Save the Earth

Contains articles, feedbacks, and resource links.


Nonprofit, private organization centered on preserving the environments and cultures of various islands worldwide.

Solcom House

A resource collection on environmental issues, offers articles, commentaries, and music news.

Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

Facility established to provide practical solutions to conservation problems through scientific research.

World Wildlife Fund

A privately financed conservation organization, promoting international efforts to protect endangered species and their habitats. Find news, activism and photo gallery.

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