International Trade Issues

The Case for Free Trade and Open Migration

Go over this collection of essays that move for the moral and practical case for unilateral free trade and open borders.

Center for Trade Policy Studies

Offers resource materials that promote understanding on the benefits of free trade and the costs of protectionism.

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports

Provides news, press materials, issue bakcground information, action alerts, and other relevant details on the Canadian lumber subsidy.

The Fair Trade Foundation

Presents fair trade products, news, recipes, and other resources.

Fairness in International Trade

Article by Steven M. Suranovic discussing the various details of fair trade. With some articles on trade theories and realities, and trade fairness study for economists.

Flora Community Web

Advocates for the implementation of fair trade over free trade.

Focus on the Global South

Collection of global news, trend and analysis articles, and publications international issues such as peace, security, finance, and development.

Freedom to Trade

Blog postings document and describe the activities of the Global Freedom to Trade Campaign.

Global Business Research Institute

Presents issue discussions, surveys, commentaries, news and other educational materials for business executives, journalists, civil servants, teachers, and students to peruse.

Global Policiy Network

Provides updates and other relevant information on the state of the working people in the global economy.

Global Trade Negotiations

Site of the Center for International Development at Harvard University. Contains news, issue discussions, and featured pages.

Institute for Nonviolent Economics

Membership site serving as an avenue for professionals and students to study and discuss the effects of globalization.

Trade-Related Issues

Collection of artiicles and blogs tackle trade-related issues around the world.

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