Pro-Separation of Church and State

"In God We Trust" Removal

Petitions for the obliteration of the "In God We Trust" statement in the American currency.

Baptist Joint Committee (BJC) for Religious Liberty

Contains news, blogs, issue discussions, events info, and an overview of the mission and programs of BJC.

Citizens Project

Information about the events, programs, and members' network of the Citizen's Project.

The Constitutional Principle: Separation of Church and State

Tackles the principle of separation according to historical, legal, political, and social perspectives.

The Enemies and Friends of Religious Freedom

Cites quotes and statements from famous people who are in favor or against religious freedom.

Freedom from Religion Foundation

Advocates for the protection of the constitutional dictum that supports the separation of the church and the state. With news and publications.

Liberty Magazine

Examine the archive of issues of this online magazine about religious freedom. Check out the featured legal resources as well.

Mainstream Loudoun

Overview of the purpose, activities, and services of this group that seeks to preserve religious freedom and the separation of the church and the state.

No to Political Islam Petition

Multilingual presentation campaigns for the rejection of Political Islam.

Seventh-day Adventist Church State Council

Portal to a variety of resources on religious freedom from the Church State Council.

Texas Freedom Network

Information on activities and services. With news clips, press materials, and links to pages with content.

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