Apathy Issues


Site established to emphasize the need to address the treats of radical Islam, immigration crisis, and the way terrorism is affecting society through the concept of the four instruments of national power.

Apathy Is Boring

Nonpartisan project tries to make use of art and technology to promote education and involvement in democracy, to address apathy especially among youth voters.


Presents news and articles that aim to address public apathy toward meaningful news and critical issues.

Art Not Apathy

Official website of the Organization for Inspiration, a nonprofit group founded to foster positive growth in the community.

The Core Issue: Apathy

Information provided by Desert Alchemy. Includes a description and flower essences you can use to address the root causes of apathy.

Kettering Foundation

Presents research works and strategies that aim to help strengthen democracy.

Reject Apathy

Magazine advocating for sustainable change, sacrificial living, and spiritual revolution.

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