Animal Rights

All Creatures

Presents animal issues, an archive of commentaries and discussions, art, photos, and articles related to animal topics.

Animal Rights Counterculture

Contains songs, stories, discussion on animal rights, and selected links to related pages.

Presents the activities of the community concerned with animal rights. Includes forums, news and access to databases.

Animals Asia Foundation

Information on the Hong Kong-based charity includes its history, objectives, strategies, campaigns and achievements.

Animals Voice

Offers news and other information on the animal rights movement. Includes links to organizations, campaigns, calendar of activities and pictures.

Defenders of Animals

Describes the activities of the organization devoted to the protection of animal rights. Includes history, legislative campaigns, programs and strategies.

In Defense of Animals

Highlights the activities of the animal rights advocate. Includes history, objectives, news, campaigns, strategies and projects.

Institute for Animals and Society

Highlights the activities of the reincarnation of the Animal Rights Network including its history, objectives, strategies, campaigns, programs and publications.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Provides information on the activities of the organization devoted to animal rights. Includes news, programs, press releases and campaigns.

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