Halloween History

Annie's Halloween History Page

Offers a Christian perspective on the history of Halloween.

The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows

Article from the American Folklife Center examines the origins of Halloween.

Halloween on the Net - The Story of Halloween

Learn the history of this holiday going back thousands of years.

History Channel Halloween

In depth information on the history and origins of the holiday.

The History of Halloween

History Channel produced site offering a historical background on the holiday, ghost stories, and creepy video clips.

The History of Halloween: It's Probably Not What You Think

Article dispelling myths concerning Christian inaccuracies about Halloween.

How Stuff Works: Halloween

Explores the Celtic and pagan roots of Samhain and examines how modern Halloween traditions came into being.

Mother Who Think: Halloween Hand Wringing

Light hearted article examining urban legends and scare stories about Halloween and its origins.

What's Behind Halloween?

Lengthy piece from the Washington Post looks at the origins and background to Halloween rituals.

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