Roman Emperors Julius Caesar Julius Caesar

Offers detailed facts and discussion about the life, accomplishments, and death of the emperor of ancient Rome, including a study guide, top biographies, his reformation of the calendar, and his military life.

C. Julius Caesar: A Biography in Twelve Parts

This portion of Jona Lendering's site about ancient history provides an in-depth narrative of his life and times as well as those of his contemporaries, his conquests, and his effect on his era as well as his legacy.

Dates for Julius Caesar's Career

A chronological table of the latter years of Caesar's life, from 59 to 43 BC, including a list of Roman magistrates from that time.

Internet Classics Archive: Caesar by Plutarch

The full text of this classic as translated by John Dryden, as well as recommended reading and posted comments on the work.

The Landings of Caesar in Britain, 55 and 54 BC

History of Caesar's invasions of Britain, 55-54 BC. from Athena Review.

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