Underground Railroad

Freedom Tour Index

Link pages to Downtown area and Detroit Neighborhood/Suburban area.

John Brown Cabin

Information about John Brown Cabin, plus links to slave trade, civil war, and more.

John Hossack - Abolitionist

Facilitates Hossack's history, memorial book, genealogy, letters, clan sept, columns, photos, and other featured information.

Levi Coffin House

State historic site, with information, photos and links.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Site that offers interactive educational programs about slavery and the resistance movements, with links to other offered features.

Network To Freedom

Offers sites, program details and facilities about the association to the Underground Railroad.

Owen Sound Black History

Historical facts with links to other related subjects.


Account about the Rokeby.

Stories of the Underground Railroad

Collection of stories about the Underground Railroad.

Traveling the Long Road to Freedom, One Step at a Time

Historical information, with links about the American past.

The Underground Railroad

Online link guide to the slaves journey to freedom, with additional sites and features.

The Underground Railroad

Offers online resources and links.

Underground To Freedom

Online story about the time of the underground railroad, this saga tells the efforts one young American slave to reach the "Promised Land," Canada.

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