19th Century Important People

Alexander W. Livingston

Brief biography of Alexander W. Livingston as Ohio's pioneering seedsman.

Edith Jemima Simcox - Victorian Scholar and Reformer

Offers bibliography files and articles about historical people, plus checkout photos, reforms and personal details.

Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi

Article the features the story about the concubine and the emperor plus online listings of books about Tzu Hsi and other special links.

First-Person Narratives of the American South

Online alphabetical listings of the first person narratives of the American south, with links to other collections.

The Internet African American History Challenge

Features profiles of some of the most important nineteenth century African Americans.

Leffert Lefferts Buck

View photos and read a short story about the life of this 19th century bridge builder.

The Life and Times of Fred Kimble

Written by John N. Davis, this book about Fred Kimble, with links about the author and the book.

The Orestes Brownson Society

Chronicles society information, Brownson's biography, resources, and other featured articles.

The Penniman House: A Whaling Story

Historical text about the Penniman House, with related readings, maps, images, activities, resources and links.

Priscilla on The Trail of Tears

Includes Priscilla's information and origin, poems for children, links, and other important details.

Village Life in America

By Caroline Cowles Richards ordered information about the village life in America including the Period of the American Civil War.

Voyaging with Henry

Home page dedicated to Charles and Henry Hagedorn, with facts, fallibility and fantasies.

Wild Rose - Civil War Spy

Review on the book Wild Rose by Ann Blackman, with links about the book and its author, event details, contact and order facts, secrets reveal, and commentaries.

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