African Americans in the American Revolutionary War

Black History - NH's Colored Patriots of the Revolution

Compilation of articles written by W.C. Nell about the patriots of the revolution plus links to other related pages.

Black Revolutionary seamen

View information about the seamen of the black revolution, plus important events that took place.

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution

Full text listings of information, subjects and illustrations, including links to other featured collections.

Georgia's Black Revolutionary Patriots

Essay about the patriots of Georgia, written by Carole E. Scott.

Gibbs Magazine: Crispus Attucks

This article contains a brief narrative of the day Attucks was killed as well as who he might have been.

PBS: Africans in America, Part 2

The second part of this four-part documentary focuses on the years between 1750 and 1805, centering on the American Revolution and African-Americans' participation in it.

The Revolution's Black Soldiers

Study by Robert A. Selig about the history behind the black soldiers revolution.

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