American Revolutionary War

A Revolutionary Day Along Historic US Route 7

Online historic route guide and equivalent information of the revolution.

American Longrifles

Site facts includes books and videos, links, photos, and other historical information.

American Revolution

Navigate through early colonial era, English colonial era, prelude to the American revolution, American war for independence and other historical links.

American Revolution

Online history search engine about American revolution, chronological events, causes, taxes imposition, important people, and more.

The American Revolution

Collection of articles and documents pertaining to the American Revolution.

The American Revolution

Official companion site to PBS's Liberty! documentary series.

The American Revolution

Provides battle facts, important people and places, historical events, documents and viewpoints, time line, and other offered features.

The American Revolution

Showcases important historical facts, bibliography, discussions, essays, program notes, resources and link pages.

American Revolution and Colonial Era

Features general history and all related information about the American Revolution and Colonial Era.

The American Revolution Home Page

Features information, battles, biographies, and patriots of the American Revolution.

The American Revolution Timeline

Chronological time line of information in relation to the American Revolution.

The American Revolution: Lighting Freedom's Flame

The official National Park Service site offers revolution information, park details, links to resources, and contact particulars.

Educational history and genealogy of the late 1700's in Colonial America.

Buried History of the American Revolution

Important facts that provides explanations of the events after the historical revolution.

Camps and Firesides of the Revolution

Online source for descriptive lists of information and related images about the Camps and fire sides of the Revolution.

Colonel Daniel Putnam Association, Inc.

A historical society in honor of Colonel Daniel Putnam which presents historical information and stories, house details, photos, links and other special features.

Common Patriot - The American Revolutionary War Magazine

Presents mission statement, featured articles, patriot profiles, America revolutionary war today, ancestors, genealogy, contact facts and more.

Conflict and Revolution

Information of the revolution between 1775 to 1776.

The Contemplator's Short History of Women in the Revolutionary Era

A short historical essay about women's lives during the revolution period, plus links and features.

Courage, New Hampshire

Tells the tale of the American Revolution during the formative years from Jamestown to Bunker Hill.

David Library of the American Revolution

Offers information on the library and it's exhibitions.

The David Library of the American Revolution

A nonprofit foundation devoted to the study of American history circa 1750 to 1800, which offers collections of historical information, online guide, events, exhibitions and other important features.

Early America-the American Revolution

This archive contains information regarding the turmoil leading up to as well as the turmoil of the American Revolution.

Effect of Revolutionary War on American Indians

Compilation of important information about how the American Indian cultures changed as a result of the Revolutionary War.

Indians and the American Revolution

Navigate through bibliographical facts about the said revolution.

Intelligence in the War of Independence

CIA publication offering information on intelligence gathering techniques and documents from the American Revolution.

Intelligence in the War of Independence

War information from the Central Intelligence Agency includes historic documents and narratives regarding war intelligence and intelligence organizations during the American Revolution.


PBS offers the story of the American Revolutions seen first hand through the eyes of those who were there.

Little Known Facts about the American Revolutionary War

American Revolution facts from the state of Delaware.

McDonald and Robertson's Index of Continental Army Orderly Books

Information presented includes site overview, new, features, unit records, Continental army facts, book index, region map, institutions, bibliography, and other publications.

MSU - The American Revolution

Official companion site to PBS's Liberty! documentary series.

The Philadelphia Campaign

Historical information on one of the most famous battle of the American Revolution.

Proclamation of Rebellion

Checkout this article about the proclamation issued by George III, responding to increasing hostilities in the American colonies.

Rare Map Collection - Revolutionary America

Features important maps used during the war.

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Chronicles important information about religion and the American revolution, plus image gallery and description of significant people in this period.

Revolutionary War

A comprehensive online resource for information on the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary War

Information on the causes and major battles of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary War Hall

Compilation of war battles and events, war black history, historic figures, and other related features.

Revolutionary War Loyalist History

Resource for the study of military history, genealogy and the living history of the loyalists of the American War for Independence.

Revolutionary War Virtual Battlefield Tours

Link to virtual battle field tour which also features images, weapon facts, British infrastructures, essays, books.

Information on the people and battles of America's first war.

Thrilling Incidents In American History

Presents important listings about thrilling events that happened in American history.

Timeline of the American Revolutionary War

Chronological order of facts from the events leading up to the war, beginning of the war, year of independence, and more.

Uniforms of Loyalist Units in the Americas

Created by Rudy Scott Nelson, this article that talks about uniforms of the loyalist in America.

The War of the Revolution 1775 to 1783

Revolutionary war information from a British perspective.

The Winning of Independence

Taken from America Military history, this chapter discusses the winning of independence.

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