Civil War History

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library: Boys in Blue

A database of more than 7,000 images, names, towns of residence, and other information of the soldiers from Illinois.

American Civil War

Including searchable database of Civil War statistics, casualties, battles, flags, academia, and more.

The Civil War

Extensive website with more than 7,000 pages of original content, including an overview of the war, sections on each of the 5 years of the war, battles, Confederate and Union generals, and the issue of slavery.

The Civil War Home Page

One of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Civil War related material available on the Internet.

Civil War Interactive

American Civil War daily news source which includes articles and biographies.

Provides a war timeline, information on battles, places, music, and documents.

Flags of the Confederacy

Read about the numerous flags of the government and armed forces of the Confederate States of America, and view many images of those flags.


National campaign from the Civil War Trust and the National Park Foundation where the public is asked to give a small donation of $1.50 in order to preserve the history of this important event.

Home of the American Civil War

Provides some of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion and descriptions of the major battles they pertain to.

Library of Congress: Time Line of The Civil War

A complete timeline of the War Between the States, beginning in January 1861, when the South seceded and ending with the execution of Captain Henry Wirz, superintendent of the Andersonville Confederate prison, in November, 1865.

Papers of Jefferson Davis

Documentary editing project based at Rice University, Texas, publishing a multi-volume edition of his letters and speeches.

PBS: Civil War

The educational network provides an extensive site which includes films about the war, as well as images of soldiers on both sides, battles, details, and oral histories.

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States

Presents poetry specifically about the Civil War in an attempt to understand the thoughts and emotions of those who faced each other across the battlefield as well as their loved ones at home. Contains an index by titles, authors, and first lines of poems.

Stories of the Blue and Gray

Military headstone project from 1861 to 1865 documents the Civil War Experience.

Valley of the Shadow

Project details life in two American communities, one Northern and one Southern, from the time of John Brown's Raid through the era of reconstruction.

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