Identity Theft

101 Identity Theft

Provides identity theft prevention and victim information. Includes related news and resource links.

AOL Money and Finance - Identity Theft

Provides a list of the cities with the most number of theft cases, an informative guide on prevention of being victimized, and articles concerning robbery and similar cases. 14 Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

Article written by Frank Abagnale that enumerates and discusses fourteen tips on becoming protected from thefts and similar incidents.

BBB Online

Provides articles and discussions on theft related incidents and stories including tips and guidelines on protecting one's privacy.

Best Identity Theft Protection

Provides information about identity theft and prevention as well as credit monitoring.

California Department of Justice: Identity Theft

Contains accounts and statistics of the growing identity theft cases in the country. Includes tips for victims and registry application details.

Canada Fact Sheet - Identity Theft

Defines and explains the scope and definition of the violation and guidelines on protection and security of individuals.

Credit Protection Guide

Provides information about credit protection and how to protect oneself against identity theft. Theft in America by The Numbers

Features articles and links to help consumers reduce their risk of becoming victims of identity theft. Includes detection, prevention and fraud fighting strategies.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: Identity Theft

Monetary institution in Boston that offers brochures about subjects related to identity theft. Includes consumer information, regulations, and related links.

Fight Identity Theft

Presents news, tips, blogs, and research information related to identity theft prevention.

FTC: Identity Theft

Educates and informs consumers concerning the crime of identity theft and the avoidance of such occurrence of incidence for the protection of business firms.

Home Office Identity Fraud Steering Committee

Overview of identity theft, information on protecting oneself from such crime, and guide to seeking help.

Identity Theft Is a Crime

Government information and resources on identity theft and identity theft prevention.

Identity Theft Labs

Provides unbiased reviews and comparisons of the leading identity protection companies. idtheftlabs

Identity Theft Prevention and Survival

Facts about identity theft, testimonials, information on prevention measures, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Identity Theft Resource Center

Provides consumer and victim support and advises governmental agencies, legislators and companies about identity theft.

Identity Theft Resources

Non-profit consumer information system that provides extensive list of resources about theft identity. Includes updates and publications.

Identity Theft Security

Informative and directive article on the nature, protection, and prevention of identity theft issue. Provides accounts about the impact of such unlawful act in the country's economy and violation of the right to lawful ownership.

Identity Theft Tips

Free tips, tools and resources to help minimize your risk of personal ID fraud.


Provides detailed reviews, analysis and comparisons of the leading identity theft protection services.


Includes helpful tools about identity theft. Learn how to prevent credit scams and online thefts.

Phone Busters

Defines identity theft and protection, with list of scams. Includes reports and contact details.

Property Crime and Recovery Investigations (PCRIA)

Investigative group in Alabama specializes in tracking down suspects of property crime and identity theft cases in the county.

The Sileo Group

Identity theft speaker and expert John Sileo shares identity theft prevention and protection techniques, data breach knowledge, an privacy information. john_sileo

Social Security - Identity Theft

Presents legal assistance for victims of such case and institutions involved in the investigations. Includes profile and contact details.

Stop Thief

Author Aleksandra Todorova details possible things to do to restore identities of victims.

Thwart Identity

Features credit card fraud, mail fraud, internet crime, common scams, credit reports and the federal trade commission.

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