Child Pornography

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

Provides structure and system on thwarting the rampant abuses on children. Enumerates tips, guidelines, resources, and related sites, as well.

Organization of volunteers from different parts of the world dedicated to eradicating sexual exploitation on children.

Child Porn Rising on the Web

Highlights efforts made by the United States and other countries on eradicating exploitation of minors on the Internet. Also includes compilation of related articles.

Child Pornography in Cyberspace

Compiles articles discussing the dangers of the Internet on children, how sexual offenders lure them, and how parents can prevent it from happening. Also includes links to other related sites, overview of group, and contact specifics for inquiries.

Department of Justice: Fact Sheet – Protect Act

Publicizes law that indicates protection of minors against abuse such as illegal abduction, molestation, and rape. Also furnishes resolutions to enumerated predicaments that has caused crisis and dilemma in the past.

Federal Bureau of Investigation: Your Local FBI Office

Compiles articles on background of the group, their services, tips, and guidelines on the area of coverage.

Internet Watch Foundation

Demonstrates processes to report child pornographic materials exhibited on the Internet. Also expounds on the method by providing links to other related sites.

Technology and the Fight Against Child Porn

Emphasizes the enormity of child exploitation found in photos and images of children on the Web. Also includes list of other articles, resources, and links to other sites.

U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section

Provides information on child pornography, prostitution, obscenity, trafficking, custody, support, and international parental kidnapping.

UNESCO launches Campaign to Fight Internet Pedophilia

Promotes United Nations operations against pedophilia on the Internet. Includes links to other recommended sites and articles, as well.

Web Sites Against Child Porn

Explains the dangers of child pornography propagation on the Internet and how it can affect children. Also provides links to other related sites, news updates, and link to report sites described.

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