Organized Crime

The American Mafia

Chronicles the history of the group including the people behind it.

American Mafia – Kefauver Committee

Contains reports and investigative article on the study of the organized crime that uncovers international syndicate.

Mafia resource featuring facts, photos, authors, and current mafia updates.

Asian Organized Crime in Australia

Discussion paper presents document of the organized crime in the country including Japan, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong.

East Coast Gang Investigators Association

Presents information about gangs and the myths associated with them.

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Organized Crime

Government agency in the country that provides sources and events on criminal cases. Includes overview, news and issues and glossary.

Gang Land

Featuring information and excerpts from the author's novels, as well as current mafia news, family histories, and related resources.


Features rare photographs, documents, and biographies chronicling the history of organized crime.

Gangster Incorporated

Collection of profiles, articles and accounts from different sources including newspapers, books and magazines on mob groups and major crime families and gangsters. Includes presentation of books with related subject.

Hidden Treasures

Provides critical analysis and reviews on real and fictional crimes stories. Highlights the objections for the display and presentation of memorabilia of mobs in Sin City.

International Association for the Study of Organized Crime

Professional group of criminologists, researchers, teachers and students promoting the understanding of organized crimes.

The Mafia and Freemasonry

Contains articles and resources pertaining to a relationship between the mafia and freemasonry society.

Mobster.8m - American Organized Crime

Collection of documentary articles and photos of crime incidents by the international law violator and Mafia reports and accounts.


Presents the book of Antonio Nicaso, an award-winning journalist who is into organized crime reporting.

Organized Crime Research

Defining the concept and theories of organized crimes in the social science perspective.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

International organization provides reviews, analysis, reports and extensive information on drugs supply, terrorism and global concerns on criminal activities and lawful injustices.

WMOB: The Wiretap Network

Audio files of famous gangsters caught by phone taps.

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