Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

National media watch group provides documented criticisms of media bias and censorship. Critiques the media for practices that marginalize public interest.

Kill Your Television

Presents reviews, general commentary, health and education insights, and information on issues associated with excessive TV patronizing.

News Hounds

Site offering news, information, and insights critical to the Fox News channel.


Site dedicated to exposing and crusading against liberal media bias. Presents forums, blogs, videos, comments, and polls.


Information, transcripts, and opinions expressing a dissenting view on the Fox News Channel program's claims of objectivity and independent news analysis.

Reclaim the Media

Seattle-based nonprofit group created to reform the media system and expand the communications rights of ordinary people.

The TV Project

Educational organization dedicated to helping parents understand the harmful effects of television on their families and communities.

White Dot

International campaign against television. Promotes the TV Turnoff Week.

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