Earthquake Engineering Products and Services

Earthquake Protection Systems

Product updates as well as explanation on the applications of the technology in earthquake damage control and related purposes for residential and industrial establishments.

Gas Control Technologies, L.L.C.

Firm involved in developing products capable of automating gas shut-off with valve installations as well as detection of leaks and placement of pipelines.

GERB Schwingungsisolierungen GmbH & Co. KG

German commercial entity working on the development of seismic protection systems as well as control of vibration.

Innovative Shock Control - Taylor Devices

Overview of various equipment and other products developed by the company for applications in controlling damages from earthquake.

QuakeWrap, Inc.

Specialist in the installation and manufacture of Fiber Reinforced Polymer utilized for structure repairs and strengthening applications.

Star Seismic LLC

Showcases available products developed by the company as well as details on engineering projects.

Syscom Instruments

Project updates as well as description of various products deployed for measurement of earthquake damages and related applications.

WorkSafe Technologies

Specialist in seismic protection technologies. Provides updates on the company's improved instruments.

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